Electrical Services

Zhan Tech specializes Residential Industrial Commercial A&A works Process plants Oil & Gas projects ZhanTech is an electrical venture which

Electrical Installation and Instrumentation

We are prominent in Electrical installation and cabling associated devices such as switches, distribution boards sockets, etc. in perfect structure.

Services Plant & Instrumentation

We provide apex an outstanding services after out installation and fixing process, It is a umbrella department we maintain for

ACMV System

ACMV (Air-Conditioning and Mechanical Ventilation) systems are very beneficial, but only if they function properly and improve the quality of indoor air. ACMV systems include
fire alarm system service thumb

Fire Alarm System

We use enhanced fire alarm cables which is better suited for protection and we use the best ionization, photoelectric, and

Security System

Nothing has more of an impact than securing the safety of people and protecting company assets. Our firm’s ability to